Hyperallergic reviews Toxic Sites


“When I was working on the first version of this project in 2007, called Superfund365.org, I was shocked to visit a site for the first time,” Singer told Hyperallergic. “I could not believe how banal and ordinary most of them are. There were very few signs marking the sites, and sometimes I would drive up to find the largest shopping mall in the state or a skate park. The disconnect between what I was reading with what I was seeing was jarring for me.”

ToxicSites.us is live

Visit ToxicSites.us. It is live and I have a tent at Photoville through Sunday. 

Friday and Saturday there are three programs I am running. They are a Gowanus Canal Walking Tour (Friday at 10am), Gowanus Canal Paint Out (Saturady at 10am) and Public Lab's Aerial Balloon Mapping of Ghost Streams (Saturday at 12pm). See this post for all the details!


Visitors to Toxic Sites US tent at Photoville check out our paper map. 

Visitors to Toxic Sites US tent at Photoville check out our paper map. 


Led a Workshop at Queens Museum

I had a lot of fun last weekend leading a workshop at the Queen's Museum for the Rethinking Residencies mixer. 

I led several exercises using common, everyday materials to (re)perceive the world around us and to reboot our sense receptors. The material list included tin cans, sleeping masks and cardboard boxes. Thanks to Kari Conte for the invite. 


Shooting a trailer on Newtown Creek

I am shooting a mini doc this weekend in NYC about Superfund site, Newtown Creek. I have the divine location of North Brooklyn Boat Club and getting some serious help from two fine, young filmmakers (Josh Lewkowicz and Ryan Laux).

Meeting with Mike Schade

I have been in correspondence with Mike Schade for many years. He used to work for CHEJ which is when we were first in touch. Little did I know back then that he and I were neighbors in Brooklyn; I assumed he was in Washington, DC, the whole time. Recently I was in touch with Mike when I began considering a revision of Superfund365. He is now working for Safer Chemicals also an organization based in DC -- but he is still living and working in NYC. After realizing our close proximity, we met to discuss our work. He is such a fountain of knowledge and as helpful as ever thinking through the issues and making important connections. Thanks for the meet up, Mike. So happy we finally connected in person. (I forgot to take a pic when we met, so this is a nice one from Living Natural Today website. Brooklyn is much more white than green these days.)